Looking to swim with the big boys in the pool of intellectual property? Well, you've come to the right place.
PUDGYPOOLCLUB is a platform to connect holders of the pudgy penguin ecosystem to those interested in licensing their IP.


There are 8,888 big Pengs and 22,222 lils, which equates to 30,000 unique IPs!
Although the Pudgy Penguins team are working day and night to get our penguins licensed in forms of toys or other branded products,
but the team has mentioned that they're targeting to give 5,000 licensing deals per year - leaving 25,000 IPs underutilised!


That's where PUDGYPOOLCLUB comes in.
We are building a platform that consists of an ever-growing pool of IPs to connect them to individuals
or organisations who are interested in ''renting'' the pooled IPs respectively!


As the main team takes the global stage with their IP initiatives,
there's an opportunity for smaller scale IP deals that could be formed with you or your local businesses in your respective country!

Imagine striking a deal with your local ice cream shop, featuring the rented pooled penguins in their physical store as a part of their marketing initiatives.
Or individuals who are looking to build a business around pudgy penguins but are limited by the number of pengs they hold,

they can now utilize PUDGYPOOLCLUB and get access to thousands of IPs at their disposal.